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Ann Mae Lovers,



I love my Ann Mae! Everyday I walk into class and my students are in my face looking to see what new earrings I am wearing! Everywhere I go I get compliments on my earrings because they are always one of a kind! I promise you this will become your newest obsession once you start wearing them! My friends and I have a group chat about which ones we snagged from the launch! The best part about my Ann Mae earrings are the fact that anyone can wear them! Literally! I have super sensitive ears and they do NOT hurt them at ALL! Once you go Ann Mae there ain’t no other way! Ann Mae helps me slay with the glitter all day.

Lynsie J.


I love it! 

Tessah C.


We love our handmade Ann Mae Boutique bows and bow ties! You can certainly see all the time and effort put into each item! Every item is unique and one of a kind! With the option of a nylon headband or clip, our bows will last forever! From earrings of all styles to bows and hair clips, Ann Mae Boutique has something for everyone!!

Katie B.


oh how I love my Ann Mae earrings …I might be a little obsessed!! 

Heather P.


Rachel Loves her glasses!!

Ginger S.


Here are a few fun facts about why I love Ann Mae's earrings

1. Love how BIG they are

2. Love how LIGHT weight they are

3. Love the complements they receive

4. Love that they are one of a kind

5. Love that I have something to look forward to wearing on the holidays!

Cathrine S.


Ann Mae Faux Leather Bows are my favorite! She lets us choose the print and style plus we can mix up prints!! 

Kimber R.

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